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Male Sex Drive

Chicago Vitality

Men's Health & Testosterone Replacement located in Schaumburg, IL & Chicago, IL

It’s normal for men to be interested in sexual activities, well into their senior years. But if you start noticing changes in your sex drive — either wanting more or less — you should come in for a physical. The men’s health experts at Chicago Vitality have three offices in Chicago, Schaumburg, and Naperville, Illinois. The clinics specialize in testosterone replacement and male sex drive changes. Take care of your sexual health by calling the office or booking your first appointment online.

Male Sex Drive Q & A

Why do I have a low sex drive?

Your sex drive may be higher or lower than normal during different phases in your life. But if you’re noticing that your sex drive is becoming increasingly lower, it might be time to see your doctor. Having a low libido can stem from:

  • Low testosterone
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Hypertension or high cholesterol
  • Uncontrolled blood sugar levels
  • Low dopamine levels

Losing your libido doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, it’s a long process that happens over time.

Maybe something happened in your life that leaves you feeling anxious, or maybe you’ve had trouble managing a chronic health condition. These types of health factors play roles in your desire to have sexual intercourse, or your ability to perform.

When do I talk to my doctor about my sex drive?

A decreased sex drive can be a sign of a larger medical issue, so you should talk to your doctor about your sexual patterns. It’s time to talk with your doctor about your sex drive if you:

  • Feel that your partner always initiates sex
  • Struggle to get or sustain an erection
  • Ejaculate prematurely
  • Have a hard time reaching orgasm
  • Have delayed ejaculation

These sexual disorder signals could indicate that something isn’t functioning as it should in your body and you need to come in for an exam.

What is considered a normal sex drive in men?

What’s considered a “normal” sex drive depends entirely on the individual.

One Ohio State University study compared the frequency of sexual thoughts in men versus women. Men reported having sexual thoughts about 19 times per day (almost twice as often as women). Nevertheless, your “normal” sex drive is entirely dependent on your particular mind and body.

Your sex drive should only be a concern if you notice changes. For instance, if you lose interest in sex, or suddenly find yourself overly excited about sex, you might want to talk with your doctor. It’s important to find out what’s causing these changes so that you can get back on track.